2004 IEEE Conference on Cybernetic and Intelligent Systems

2004 IEEE Conference on Robotics, Automation and Mechatronics

December 1 to 3, 2004
Traders Hotel, Singapore

Technical Program


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FA6.1   Intelligent Vehicle Airbag Controller Design   

Yi-Jen Mon (Taiwan)


Replaced by (change from TA9.8 to FA6.1):

FA6.1   Development and Preliminary Study of the NTU Lower Extremity Exoskeleton

             Xiaopeng Liu, Kin Huat Low (Singapore)


FP3.6  Interpretation Petri Net model to IEC 1131-3:LD for Programmable Logic Controller          

            Prayut Inban, Phongchai Nilas, Prapas Rerngreun (Thailand)


Replaced by (change from TA8.4 to FP3.6):

FP3.6  Fuzzy Control Scheme For Dual-Acting Magnetic Bearing Actuator System          

Maki Habib (Malaysia)


TM6.2  Integrating Translation Technologies Towards a Powerful Translation Web Service Vassilios Antonopoulos, Iason Demiros, George Carayannis, Stelios Piperidis (Greece)


Replaced by (change from TA9.4 to TM6.2):

TM6.2  Fuzzy Logic Based Control Of Rotor Motion In Active Magnetic Bearings   

Maki Habib (Malaysia)


WM4.5 Development of Flexible Pneumatic Spherical Joint

            Guanjun Bao, Libin Zhang, Qinghua Yang, Jian Ruan (China)


Replaced by (change from WA8.2 to WM4.5):

WM4.5 Fuzzy Variable Structure Control for an Inverted Pendulum             

Wang Xingcheng, Li Aiguo (China)


WM4.6 Research on Novel Flexible Pneumatic Actuator FPA          

Qinghua Yang, Libin Zhang, Guanjun Bao, Sheng Xu (China)


Replaced by (change from TA8.6 to WM4.6):

WM4.6 H-infinity control of Ship Steering      

             Wang Xingcheng, Ren Ying (China)


WM5.1 Multi-agent emergent self-organization using an apropriate reward function                       

             Luis Miramontes Hercog (United Kingdom)


Replaced by (change from TA9.7 to WM5.1):

WM5.1 Engineering Intuition for Designing Multi-Robot Search and Rescue Solutions       

             Yuh Miin Chan, Serene Wong, Mao Ching Foo, Rodney Teo (Singapore)





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